FT STEM Flight Plan Scope and Sequence

FT STEM Project Name

General Scope and Sequence by Grade Category

Flite Test model options

Project Chuck Glider


FT Fighter Glider 4-Pack

FT Venture

FT Aviore

EZ Space Shuttle

Project EZ

Middle School

High School

EZ First Flyers

EZ Space Flite

EZ Jets

EZ Nature Pack

Project Airfoil Glider

FT Wonder Glider

FT Sparrow (glider)

FT Tiny Trainer (glider)

Project Trainer

FT Tiny Trainer

FT Explorer

FT Tutor

Project FPV Micro Drone

FT Tiny Whoop or FT FPV micro drone

Project Elevon

FT Mini Arrow

FT Versa Wing

FT Flerken

FT F-22/Mini F-22

FT Spear

FT Alpha/Bravo/Charlie

Project Gremlin Drone

FT Guardian Gremlin

Project Advanced Flight Operations

Warbird models

Models utilizing flaps/flaperons


3D Printed aircraft

Project DIY Flight

Basic construction materials and component parts