What is Flite Test STEM?

Flite Test STEM is an educational program that helps students soar. Developed by Flite Test, a company specializing in the design and production of remote-controlled (RC) aircraft, the program is designed to inspire and educate young people through hands-on projects that involve building and flying RC planes and drones.

The program provides a variety of resources for educators, including lesson plans, instructional videos, and project guides. These resources are designed to help teachers incorporate Flite Test STEM activities into their classroom curriculum, and may be customized to suit the needs of different age groups and skill levels.

  • FT STEM Curriculum utilizes DIY aircraft and drones to inspire young pilots around the world
  • Easy-to-understand lessons and family-friendly videos
  • Lesson modules let you design a curriculum to suit your needs
  • The Engineering Design Model guides students through real-world design challenges
  • Online resources and support from Flite Test, a leader in the RC model aviation industry

A key feature of FT STEM is its emphasis on experiential learning. Students are encouraged to learn by doing, with the program providing opportunities for them to design, build, and fly their own RC aircraft. This approach helps to develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and a deeper understanding of STEM concepts.

Flite Test STEM also promotes collaboration and teamwork, with many of the projects designed to be completed in groups. This helps students to develop communication skills and learn to work effectively with others, which are important skills for success in any field.

Overall, Flite Test STEM provides a fun and hands-on way for students to engage in STEM subjects, while developing important life skills. FT STEM supplies the curriculum, lessons, and online resources to master STEM concepts and skills by building, testing, and operating DIY aircraft. FT STEM is very flexible and can be adapted to a wide variety of educational contexts to provide a highly engaging learning opportunity for students and instructors alike.

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“The FT STEM program started, at least for me, at a very early age in my education. It was an experience of a lifetime, a gateway to the sky, and a fun hobby for anyone who wants to tackle something outside the ordinary. Continuing outside of middle school, the effects it has on my education and my future is immense. The program drives me to continue pursuing aerospace engineering in my future, and while the ways I can stay involved into FT STEM have reduced, I feel the call to the sky tugging on me daily over the summer. In addition, the Loveland FT STEM program has introduced me to people who also feel this tug to the sky and the relationships with these people, both older and younger than me, will never be lost.”

Ashton Lyon
Ashton Lyon FT STEM Student Loveland High School

“FT STEM allowed me to see how we can bring the most advanced technologies and sciences, and simplify it to something that younger kids can learn about math, physics, and forms of engineering, as well as leadership skills, such as teaching someone to fly or build. Building foam airplanes also taught me that everything takes practice, and time to learn. The growth from my first airplane to my next taught me to keep at what you love to do, no matter how many failures you encounter. FT STEM taught me that failure doesn't mean the end, just another opportunity to improve and learn.”

Scott Bragg
Scott Bragg Former FT STEM Student Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Graduate

“FT STEM curriculum and the online Student Hangar has been a fantastic tool for connecting students in our homeschool community with the Flite Test lessons and resources we need for our various scratch-build aviation projects. The way the FT STEM lessons are organized and sequenced makes the STEM principles very approachable for students. I wish I would have discovered FT STEM sooner!”

Trevor Sill
Trevor Sill STEM Teacher Classical Conversations Program

“The FT STEM program has done so much for me in the past years. This program is what has driven me to pursue aerospace engineering. Beginning with the middle school program, and now finishing with the high school program has been so much fun. The opportunities I have been given from FT STEM have been ones I will never forget. From helping kids build their own planes, to being invited to a police/swat training for my senior project. This MESArc team I will never forget, and I can't wait to see where it will go with FT STEM.”

Danny Liebert
Danny Liebert Former FT STEM Student Studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder

“I am very excited to use the FT STEM curriculum to give my students with special needs access to not only the STEM concepts in an accessible and engaging way, but to also practice with the employment/job skills element that will be necessary for success in their future.”

Noah Dennis
Noah Dennis Special Education Teacher East Canton High School


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is crucial for the future of the aviation industry as it provides the necessary knowledge and skills for innovation and progress and encourages interest in the field. In aviation, STEM education is especially important as the industry relies heavily on advancements in technology and engineering. Professionals in the aviation industry need to be well-versed in the latest developments in fields such as aerodynamics, avionics, and propulsion systems to design and maintain safe and efficient aircraft. STEM education also helps prepare the next generation of aviation professionals, ensuring that the industry continues to thrive and meet the growing demand for air travel, as well as careers using drone technology for videography, surveying, shipping, search-and-rescue, or law enforcement/military applications.

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