Professional Development

Teachers Taking FlighT

Introducing FT STEM Workshops, a brand-new Flite Test experience involving professional learning opportunities for educators. Beginning with best curriculum practices, you'll discover ways to weave design thinking and creative problem solving into your everyday instructional practices through flight.

Note this training is geared towards Secondary Grade Levels!


FT STEM is growing and reaching more classrooms every school year, this includes a demand for professional development. Education pedagogy is constantly changing, as well as remote control aviation technology. FT STEM Workshops is committed to empowering the teacher to stay current with 21st Century STEM literacy and providing the necessary skills to integrate flight in their everyday teaching.

Introduction to FT STEM Integration

In a two day professional development opportunity, gain a broader understanding of how FT STEM fits into your everyday teaching from unit design to remote controlled building and flight training in both fixed wing and multirotor platforms. Explore how the natural progression of FT STEM in your classroom can empower your students to utilize a new system of tools and technology fostering critical thinking in design with personalized problem solving opportunities.

Session Design

Each session begins with an introduction and a set of learning objectives for the teachers, concluding with an important Flite Test takeaway for your classroom. Early morning sessions will incorporate curriculum specific work and integration logistics, while the afternoon is hands on with fixed wing and multirotor building and flight training. Sessions will range from an hour to four hours in length.


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