Project Flite Module: Pizza Box Challenge

Author: Flite Test STEM

Learning Strand: Engineering and Design

Level: All School Levels

Length: 4 hours. Students design challenge creating a flying aircraft using just a pizza box.

Standards Addressed:

Flite Test STEM at home learning module!

Welcome parents and students, are you ready to take flight with us? In this Project Flite module we are going to challenge your students in a fun way by eating some pizza and then re-engineering that pizza box to be a flying rc aircraft.  Best of luck and let us know how you did by sharing your images or videos to!

Parents, prior to taking flight with us please review and see if this lesson fits your child's' age group;

Level: Elementary to Middle School

Previous Lessons Needed (Recommended);

  • Project Flite Module: Newton's 3rd Law Done EZ!

Learning Strands: Build 2 Fly and Engineering and Design (See Curriculum Maps for Learning Strand details)

Length: 3-5 hrs or use suggested Home School Schedule


    • 1/2 hour a day, five days a week for 3-4 weeks
    • 1/2 hour a day, 2-3 days a week for 4-6 weeks
    • 60 minutes a day for 2 weeks

    Middle School

      • 45-60 minutes a day, five days a week for 1-2 weeks
      • 45-60 minutes a day, 2-3 days a week for 2-3 weeks
      • 60-90 minutes a day for 1 week

      Author: Jake Marshall and Josh Bixler


      • SUMMARY
      • ACTIVITY


      Students will

      • Apply their skills learned in the previous lessons in a design challenge around getting a pizza box to fly. (1 HR)
      • Apply basic Flite Test build fundamentals through the construction of a micro aircraft. (1-2 HR)
      • Learn basic Design Thinking application by using the engineering design process to create your very own DIY aircraft out of a common material. (1 HR)

      Materials Needed

      Order Your Favorite Pizza
      (Save the box afterwards, grease and all)

      EZ Power Pack Option

      If you choose to design a light weight aircraft like an FT STEM Chuck Glider using the Pizza Box...


      Power Pack H Option

      If you choose to create a pizza plane seen in the introductory video then use the Power Pack H Micro Twin

      If you choose the Power Pack H you will need a basic transmitter and receiver



      Hot Glue Gun and hot glue sticks

      IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE REGARDING HOT GLUE: Hot Glue Guns get extremely hot, and should always be handled with care. Young students should always be supervised when using hot glue. Review hot glue safety with your students prior to using hot glue guns.

      Utility Knives (if you are working with younger kids, you can use plastic cards instead of knives)


      Step 1


      See an Existing Solution

      Purpose: Prior to Lesson Activity #1, the student must gain an understanding of the challenge at hand and see what existing solutions are out there prior to the design of their own. If you feel that it might be too challenging to have your student create their own, please download the PDF plans attached to this lesson below the lesson.

      Download the Free Plans Below

      See other student pizza plane designs that were successful!

      Step 2


      ISTE Standards of Creativity and Innovation

      Research and Information Fluency

      Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

      Digital Citizenship

      Technology Operations and Concepts

      Next Generation Science Standards

      ETS 1A: Defining and Delimiting and Engineering Problem

      ETS 1B: Developing Possible Solutions

      ETS 1C: Optimizing the Design Solution


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